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VIDEO: Some Poor Soul Lived Inside A Golf Simulator Until He Made A Hole-In-One...Or Until He Gave Up

Golf is enough of a grind as it is. The countless hours grinding on the range just to get decent, and your swing can leave you at any time. What this guy did — refusing to leave a golf simulator until making a hole-in-one — is like a self-imposed, Saw-like dungeon. Mostly deprived of natural sunlight, tackling a task that has, according to the TruGolf simulator experts, a 1-in-73,000 chance of happening? NO THANK YOU.

Yeah, even if you're pretty good at golfing your ball, this type of pressure, taxing physicality and mind fuck of a mission could send anyone off the deep end. You don't want to quit once you've started, no matter how ridiculously difficult getting an ace is. Because you're, you know, recording yourself doing it.

How gross would you have to get, and how many failures would you be able to withstand before you gave up? For me, I'm usually content on the range to just hit one fucking straight and then I quit while I'm ahead. In this scenario, I doubt I'd be far above "pissing in mason jars and fully verbalizing inner monologue" status.

This is high comedy, high entertainment and if I'm being honest, I'm morbidly curious to watch someone try this out someday. Not doing that shit myself. Let me check in every now and then, step out for snacks and meals, check out a live stream when I'm home at night comfortably on my couch or in bed. Shout out to the guy who did this. You're a better man, or at least a more dedicated golfer than I.

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