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Mad Dog Says He'll Take Kirk Cousins Over Lamar Jackson With His Life On The Line - Stephen A. Promptly Accuses Him of Drinking On Set

On today's First Take, aka "That show where no one actually believes what they are saying so they just say outlandish things to get clicks" or "that show where people yell at each other while a girl sits quietly in the middle" , Chris Russo proclaimed he would take Kirk Cousins over Lamar Jackson. 

To which Stephen A Smith asked Russo what was in his cup and "what are you drinking this morning." 

Par for the course for this show and these two. Russo likely doesn't believe Cousins is way better than Jackson yet he says it so this clip makes it way around the internet . Smith doesn't really have a horse in the race yet he overreacts because he knows him going ballistic moves the needle. And around and around we go until the end of time with these guys. Much like Max Kellerman, Jim Rome, Dougy the thief Gottlieb, and countless other talking heads on tv, they know how to play the viewer like a fiddle. They say crazy shit people react. In other news, it will get dark tonight and Rose Kennedy owned a black dress. 

For all of you young folks out there before Russo absolutely sold out to become a clickbait shell of himself, he had the #1 radio show in the world with Mike Francesa, Mike and The Mad Dog. There should be an archive of their show somewhere streaming at all times, or accessible  on demand. I would listen to that more than I care to admit. 

My friends and I still send Mike and The Mad Dog clips to each other all the time. They were unintentionally hilarious. They were also really good at what they did. One of those clips that still makes me piss my pants laughing is this. 

To preface ... Mike asks Chris if he plans to go see Ben Affleck's new movie "Dardevil " about a blind superhero. 

Boomer and Carton did the morning show and HATED Russo and Francesa and roasted him about the clip years later. Still makes me laugh 


Other Hall of Fame Russo clips 


Long live Chris Russo …