And This Right Here, Boys And Girls, Is Why You Should Always Keep Your Head Up

First and foremost, you have to hope this kid is doing alright. Regardless of whether that hit was clean or not (which it most certainly was), you never want to see someone's skull bounce off the ice like that. 

Second and foremost, THAT right there is exactly why we should start to pump the brakes a little bit on kids strictly focusing on skill and trying to become the next Trevor Zegras. Because no amount of puck handling in the world is going to stop you from getting completely bundled if you come across the middle of the ice with your head down like that. So focused on the toe drag that you didn't even notice the 100mph freight train coming barreling down the tracks in your direction. 

Maybe, juuuuuuuust maybe, it would be smart to teach kids how to avoid getting destroyed out there before we teach them how to pull off The Michigan. Because for every 10 kids watching Zegras highlights on Instagram, there's at least one kid out there still watching some grainy footage of Scott Stevens highlights on YouTube. At the very least, every Zegras highlight should have a little disclaimer down at the bottom about the dangers of admiring your own dangles. 

At the end of the day, that's just a good clean hit. Maybe a charge, if anything. But shoulder down, appears to drive through the chest and the hit just so happens to continue riding up and catch the kid in the head. 2 minutes in the box just to make sure the dads in the stands don't have to settle the score in the parking lot after the game.