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Kyle Kuzma's New York Fashion Show Appearance Confirmed That I Will Never Understand Fashion

I know Kyle Kuzma will probably be crushed online for this, but not by me. I have respect for people who are willing to put themselves out there like this regardless of what the internet is going to say about them. Plus, NBA players rocking questionable fashion choices is basically the norm in 2022. Whether it's Russell Westbrook, James Harden, or Kyle Kuzma, this isn't exactly new. It doesn't really surprise me that this dude

is walking down the runway at the New York Fashion show wearing something ridiculous. He's basically Ursula from the Little Mermaid mixed with Darth Maul or something, but maybe that's what's in? I feel like this is just a couple of winter jackets sown together as a skirt which could help keep your legs warm during the winters but also feels like a little much. Just wear pants instead maybe?

That's why my biggest takeaway from this latest Kuzma video is that it confirmed to me that I have no fucking idea what's currently fashionable and I for sure do not understand fashion as a whole in the slightest. Is it because I'm poor and could never afford any of this shit? Possibly. But my question is, where do you even wear something like that? Is that not even the point of these pieces? Is it more about being wearable "art"? If so, that seems kind of silly.

I'm also not ruling out the fact that being a washed up 35 year old blogger plays a role in my lack of fashion knowledge. I can't remember the time I didn't wear gym shorts and a t-shirt all day. I'm in my blogging station, who needs fashion? I'm currently in the comfort business not the make sure I keep up with the current fashion trends business. I've been with my lady for 12 years so it's not exactly like I need to give a shit about what I wear. Give me like 3-4 things to have in the rotation for when I need to go out and dress like a real human and I'm good. I'll never forget the second I left the cube life I went and donated every single button down that shirt every 25-30 year old dude has in their closet that you were forced to wear into your office every day. It was a liberating experience that I hope everyone gets to have at some point in their professional life.

So like I said, I'm not going to kill Kuzma for this. I'm willing to concede that this type of fashion is strictly not for anyone in my current tax bracket. The idea of "wearable art" just seems like an excuse to create something outrageous that no human would ever realistically wear in the real world. If this floats your boat, all the power to you. I say rock it with confidence because fuck the haters. 

Personally, I'm just going to stick to blogger attire. Way more my speed.