Richard Sherman Says There Are 20 Qbs Better Than Baker Mayfield, Including Back Ups

Look at this moron Richard Sherman blabbering his mouth about Baker Mayfield. Like I have said it seems like people think it is cool to make fun of Baker even though he didn't even play that bad. When did 1 touchdown, 1 rushing TD, 1INT and 240 yards passing become a bad thing? Richard Sherman is laughing like a maniac, and I can't wait to watch Baker get acquainted with his new team. 

Let's actually break down what Richard Sherman said because you can't just keep throwing nonsense out there. There is not one single backup QB that is better than Baker. He is a top 15 Qb when you count all of the starters and you know what here I will rank them right now in your face. 

1. Josh Allen, 2. Patrick Mahomes, 3. Aaron Rodgers, 4. Tom Brady, 5. Joe Burrow, 6. Justin Herbert, 7. Lamar Jackson, 8. Russel Wilson, 9. Matt Stafford, 10. Kyler Murray, 11. Dak Prescott, 12. Kirk Cousins 13, Matt Ryan, 14. Baker Mayfield, 15. Ryan Tannehill. The rest who gives a shit because to be honest we have the most elite QBs the NFL has seen in awhile but after the top 6 it really falls off a lot. You can't sit there and tell me Jared Goff is better than Baker or any of these other quarterbacks. 

Back to Richard Sherman- even without my love for Baker this reaction is too much. He had no time to throw the entire game and still put his team into a position to win. So is Joe Burrow a bad quarterback because he threw 4 interceptions? He looked so much worse but nobody is going to call him a bad QB. The level of disrespect is sad to see from Sherman and the saddest thing is I can pretty much guarantee I would cook him right now in a one on one and I would even have Baker as my QB. Stop the slander until it is deserved.