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An Elite School Day: Some Buffalo Schools Are Getting A Half Day Because The Bills Play On Monday Night Football

Getting a half day is AWESOME. Sure it sucks you still have to wake up early, but there's something about knowing it's a pointless school day that still counts. There's nothing to a half day. I mean you go in, you sit through a couple short classes and get out of there. You spend as much time in homeroom and going from class to class that you are in the actual class. 

But this is about Buffalo. I know some of this is because of traffic. But let's be honest. This is mostly because teachers, administrators and everyone else wants to go to the game. This is Buffalo. This is Bills Mafia. They are going to show up for the home opener and they are going to drink a lot of beer. That might even be an understatement.

This isn't necessarily about Bills Mafia though. This is about school days. I'm going to repost some rankings I had in a previous blog:

12. First day of school/first day back from Christmas break

11. Assembly Day (Confession Day if you went to Catholic school)

10. Day before Christmas break

9. Play games in class day 

8. Dress down day

7. Last Day of School

6. 2 Hour Delay

5. The moment you saw this (old school TV) wheeled into class

4. Field Trip

3. Snow Day cancels school the night before

2. Unexpected Snow Day

1.Field Day

The Bills half day would fall right around 6. I mean like I said, sure you have to wake up early. But it's the Bills. If these schools truly cared they'd do a 2-hour delay minimum the next day. Enjoy the hungover teachers and parents. A lot of old school TV days would be used on Tuesday.