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Nothing Gets The Ladies Hot And Bothered Quite Like A Box Lacrosse Game In Peterborough

The 2022 Mann Cup is currently underway with the Peterborough Lakers taking on the Langley Thunder. In case you're not familiar with the Mann Cup, it's the Canadian Senior A Box Lacrosse Championship. You have two different senior A leagues in Canada--Major Series Lacrosse in the East, and Western Lacrosse Association in the West. The winner of those two leagues then face off against each other for the Mann Cup, arguably the biggest sporting event in Canada aside from the Stanley Cup, the NBA Playoffs, the Grey Cup, the Tim Hortons Brier curling championship, and the Bobsleigh World Cup. 

And boy oh boy does the Mann Cup get the ladies GOING. 

Oh hell yeah, brother. Ain't nothing better than when the ladies dump 'em out. Boobs are sweet. Plain and simple, it's a fact of life. Boobs are like green eggs and ham. I would like to see them in a boat, I would like to see the with a goat. I'd like to see them in the rain, and in the dark, and on a train. I would like to see them here and there, I would like to see them anywhere! 

So seeing a set of Peterborough boobs at the Mann Cup? Well that's right up there at the top of my list. Someone come get their grandma, and tell her she's doing the lord's work. 

Peterborough got the win last night to tie the series at 2-2. Let's go Lakers.