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BOOOOO: The Diamondbacks Had Police Protect The Pool Inside Chase Field So The Dodgers Couldn't Celebrate In It After LA Clinched The NL West

What a weak sauce move by the Arizona Diamondbacks last night, actually calling in police officers AND THEIR MASCOT to protect the pool inside Chase Field from the division winning Dodgers. Every few years it lines up perfectly where the Dodgers will be in Arizona when they clinch the division. Naturally the conversation turns to the Dodgers celebrating in the pool in right-center field when the game is over, and they've done it a few times.

Looks like a ton of fun right? They aren't hurting anyone, there are no fans out there (video is from 2013), the pool is open for people to swim in, who cares what they do once the game is over. The Diamondbacks have had issues in the past and once even asked the Dodgers NOT to celebrate in the pool. 

You know how you stop them from celebrating in the pool? Beat them. Having actual police officers stand in front of the pool to stop a group of grown men from swimming in it is a wild move. I don't understand it. Sure it doesn't reflect well on your franchise that this team has clinched the division in your house so many times that they have their own tradition. But maybe that should motivate you to get better? The D'Backs have been much better this year but this move may set their franchise back decades. 

The best part of this is that back in 2013 when the Dodgers won the division, the Diamondbacks told them "don't jump in our pool." Well if you have a kid and you tell them not to touch the hot stove, what are they gonna do? Touch the hot stove. So the Dodgers pulled the "you're not my real dad" card and jumped in anyways. I love the move and think if you don't want them to celebrate in the pool then you have to beat them. You win the division, you celebrate how you want. Telling another team how to celebrate is a clown move. Dodgers should have been doing cannonballs into the Chase Field pool last night if you ask me.