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Motivation 101: Ja Morant Thinks Everyone In The NBA Doesn't Like Him And That's Precisely Why He Busts Their Ass

This right here is how you convince yourself that something is true. Ja Morant is well-liked. People talk about him all the time. Does he piss people off with his quotes? Probably from time to time. But to convince yourself that you aren't well-liked and that's why you have to bust everyone's ass is next level self-motivation. It's why athletes (and basically any famous person) are the way they are. They have to come up with this sort of me vs the world mentality when it's not there. 

Now that said, I enjoy watching Ja. He's *ahem* electric. There's something awesome about watching that super-athletic guard that can just take over a game. Those are my favorite sort of players to watch because you can see the physical dominance of a Durant or LeBron or any sort of dude like that. Ja just looks like a guard. Next thing you know he's dunking on you and dropping 35. 

I need to know what he thinks pissed people off. What quote does he have out there? What has he said that really got under their skin? I did a quick search and there's not a whole lot out there in terms of holy shit that's aggressive. He just keeps talking about how he is motivated and how he ain't gonna duck smoke. Pretty standard. But hey man, whatever you think.