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The NYC Influencer Reddit Thread Does NOT Disappoint

As a Barstool employee, there are several key things you simply do NOT do:

Do NOT Piss Off Dave

Do NOT Pull A Francis

Do NOT Mess With Tiko Texas

Do NOT Assume KB Will Have That If That Ass Is Not In Fact, Fat

Do NOT Use Rico’s Government Name


The people evil monster gremlins of Reddit are blood sucking troll people that quite literally get off on ripping anyone and everyone to shreds. 

With that being said, up until last week you would have never caught me casually browsing Reddit for funzies. 


Last week, I was scrolling the clock app and video after video kept mentioning this new Reddit thread by the name of NYCinfluencersnark. A thread dedicated to the ever so entertaining hobby of: talking shit about NYC influencers.

Going against my better judgment, I loaded up Reddit just one more time. I simply HAD to indulge in this forbidden treasure, and boy it did NOT disappoint. 

Never have I ever seen a Reddit thread made solely for the girls and the gays. A place to gather and gossip like one big mean girl possy in the name of insane creators

It pains me to admit that I consume this hate filled forum, but a majority of its victims I have met or friends have met and they are just down right piss poor people

In the past year or so, I’ve noticed a shift in attitude from these NYC Influencers that mimic the behavior of those in LA. 

Girlies who were once ever so grateful to pick up an AD deal with Princess Polly, are now acting as if they are Princess Diana herself. 

These ladies have truly forgotten what the real world is even like. Swapping a train ticket to their 9-5 in exchange for a scheduled Blade to the Hamptons. Which for most of them, I’m really happy about. Go get your bag sis. But, for a select few, this type of lifestyle change goes right to their head and causes a sense of delusion that makes them do things like: walk into clubs they once patiently waited in line for and cause an absolute scene if the owner does not accommodate their “influencer status.” Even going as far as to say things like “Do you know who I am” and “I don't think you realize how many followers I have.”

And before you say oh that’s just a cliche and they can’t ACTUALLY be saying shit like this. Let me just tell you, I’ve seen it happen in real time. It’s real, and it’s ugly. These girls have lost their god damn mind and any sense of reality. 

Now, I’d just like to say I am not a monster. There are many lovely ladies in this thread that do not deserve to be ripped apart in there. New York is filled with talented and creative influencers that are just down right good people. Unfortunately, if you pursue a career in this industry you open yourself up to criticism by the public. People will always state their unwarranted opinion on public figures, whether it's good or bad. That’s just how it goes. 

But boy does it tickle my fancy when shitty people are called out for their shitty behavior. You don’t have to be a saint, I for one am far from it, but at the bare minimum just don’t be an asshole. That goes for all the girlie girls who are active and adding to this thread as well. At the end of the day we’re all people, with feelings, and shit that goes on that no one else knows about. 

So like my good friend Brianna always says just “be a decent human being.”