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Apple TV Is Turning Down Broadcasting Rights To LIV Golf As It Is "Too Toxic"

Well lookie here... some breaking news from our guy Dan Rapaport. Turns out Apple TV, a streaming service that should be clamoring for any opportunity they can get into the lucrative sports streaming world, is turning their nose up at the circus that is LIV Golf. It's clear they want a piece of the sports world. Last I checked they've got a competitive bid out for NFL Sunday Ticket and they've streamed an MLB game every Friday to rocky reviews. LIV Golf presented another opportunity to get a foot in the door and work out some kinks before making a potential jump to the big leagues.

But nope. LIV Golf? Fire burns too hot on that one. There's momentum building for somebody to get in bed with LIV as they continue to bring on big names. There also seems to be a contingency of golf fans who are growing tired of what they consider to be sanctimonious messaging from PGA Tour wall defenders like Rory McIlroy. The LIV hive is growing and growing quickly.

It's undeniable that LIV Golf isn't going anywhere any time soon and grabbing that broadcast partner is that next step in normalizing and legitimizing their venture. So therein lies a very real opportunity out there amongst potential streaming partners to seize an up and coming golf league and a staring contest as to who's willing to jump in first. Just gotta deal with a massive PR hit in the process.

Looks like it's not gonna be Apple. Who's it gonna be?