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Mike Martz Needs To Shut The Fuck Up About Justin Fields And The Bears

My god this guy sucks. This is such a bad clip that I almost feel like he's trolling for clicks and hate. Like he's trying to go viral. He is setting traps way down at the bottom of the ocean and my lobster ass is coming in claws pinching because this pissed me off. 

"I don't know if I've ever seen such a bad performance in his opening performance of the season. He was completely awful. He really deflated the football team with his performance. They have a quarterback that can't do anything at all...right now they're without hope."--Mike Martz

Bro...WHAT? Does this look like a deflated team to you? Does this look like a team without hope?

Mike Martz has the personality of a fucking spoon and I don't want to comment on his cognitive abilities because after watching this I think there genuinely might be an issue there. Just casually left out the fact that it was his first start with a new coach, new players, rookies all over the offensive line, and a supporting cast that isn't exactly the '99 Rams out there. Casually left all of that out the way he used to casually leave Greg Olsen out of the game plan before trading one of the most productive TEs of the decade for a 3rd round pick. Seriously, fuck this guy. I think you can make an argument that hiring Martz was the biggest mistake Lovie ever made. Never really corrected course after bringing in a "guru" that had one great season with an offense that had 4 hall of famers (I am counting Torry Holt because he should get in eventually). This guy fucking sucks and he failed everywhere else. Where is Jay Cutler when you need him.