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Barack Obama Got Pissed at Steph Curry for Saying the Moon Landing Was Fake and Made Him Take It Back

Huffington Post — NBA powerhouse Steph Curry shared in a new Rolling Stone profile that his friend Barack Obama sent him a “stern” email after he casually shared that he thought the moon landing was faked ― an old but persistent conspiracy theory among fringe science-deniers. 

The scolding came after the Golden State Warriors star made the shocking comment on the podcast “Winging It” in 2018, saying “I don’t think so” after asking others on the episode whether they thought the moon landing was real. “Sorry, I don’t want to start any conspiracies,” he continued.

Outrage rained down on Curry, usually one of the NBA’s most admired players. But it was the former president’s reaction that spurred him to undo any damage he’d done, Curry said in Monday’s profile. 

“That night, I got an email,” he said of the 2018 incident. “It was a pretty stern, direct one from President Obama” telling him that the first moon landing in 1969, like all those that followed it, was unequivocally real. “You’ve got to do something about this,” Curry recalled Obama telling him.

Look, I'm not a moon landing denier. I do believe the government is lying to us about plenty, but that seems like a stupid thing to make up — and Buzz Aldrin will still punch the shit out of anyone who dares to imply it was fake.

But if I was someone who thought there was some chicanery afoot in regards to the moon landing, Obama emailing Steph Curry and making him backtrack a fake moon landing take would probably only make me more sure of my position. What are they hiding? If Curry wants to say some dumb shit on a podcast, why does someone who has been the most powerful man in the world care? I'd venture to guess that Obama doesn't email everyone he sees saying something stupid and tell them they have to retract it.

Maybe this does make me think the moon landing was fake, actually. Steph was getting too close to the truth and the powers that be sent in the big guns to put a stop to it.

Stay woke.