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The NBA Has Suspended Suns Owner Robert Sarver For One Year And Fined Him $10 Million After An Investigation Found He Said Racial Slurs And Sex-Related Inappropriate Comments In The Workplace

Full NBA Statement:

I don't need to do any of those corporate trainings to know that'll get an NBA owner suspended for a year and make your wallet $10 million lighter. To be honest, I thought Sarver was going to get hit with a tougher penalty considering Adam Silver's first big move as commissioner was taking the Clippers away from Donald Sterling following all his dirty laundry coming to light. That instantly pushed Silver to the number 1 spot in Commissioner Power Rankings, which was partially because everyone hated Donald Sterling and partially because everyone hated Goodell, Selig, and Bettman so much.

Nonetheless Sarver is banned from for one year. The skeptic in me says that Sarver will still try to run the Suns from his home despite the suspension. However I guarantee there are hundreds of Suns employees just waiting to blow the whistle on him so he gets tossed like it's his second technical. I'm not just including the people working in corporate either. I bet current and former players are hoping they can catch Sarver violating the terms of his suspension in order to free Phoenix from his reign.

Now the Suns get to try to make another run to The Finals before CP3's career sets over the horizon without their biggest detriment present, which feels like a huge win for every single person in the franchise except Sarver. I hope Greta is smiling ear-to-ear right now.