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NY State Lawmakers Are Introducing A Sitting-On-The-Job Bill A La George Costanza & You're A Cruel Idiot If You Don't Support It

NY POST- Albany Democrats have introduced legislation to allow some foot-weary working New Yorkers to sit on the job — despite the risk of creating a future “Seinfeld” security situation featuring a comfy store guard napping on the job.

“Jokes are funny – but I think within reason, the argument can be made that we should be allowing folks to sit whenever possible,” Assemblywoman Karines Reyes (D-Bronx), a registered nurse experienced in accumulating steps, said about the bill she is sponsoring with state Sen. Rachel May (D-Syracuse).

A similar argument was made by the fictional George Costanza in a famous episode of the classic comedy series before robbers pillage a store while a security guard dozes in a rocking chair provided by the neurotic protagonist.

Supermarket cashiers, bodega clerks and those with jobs requiring lots of screen time are examples of people who Reyes says her legislation might help while workers in other jobs, like prowling security guards, might have to stay on their feet.

George Costanza is smiling down on us today wherever he may be in this crazy world we call Earth. Of all of his many requests over 8 seasons of Seinfeld one of his most memorable was when he stood up for a clothing store security guard that had to stand on the job all day. Should this man have gotten a seat to plop on as opposed to standing all day on the day? He ABSOLUTELY should have. Did it maybe turn out in turmoil as the security guard fell asleep mid-robbery in his very comfy rocking chair arranged by Mr. Costanza? Of course/ BUT at least he was comfy.

And now this prophecy from George has come into fruition as the a legislation has been introduced in beautiful Albany (I think that means someones trying to make this a law as I know nothing about politics) which is awesome. This is hard for me to comment as I am lucky enough to have a job where I get to sit a lot though I know many folks without that privilege that would LOVE to sit more than they get to. I mean sitting is awesome. It's way better than standing. Who likes to exert energy in standing? No one. Some of the ideas in the description from NY post make sense as well. Why the hell does a supermarket cashier need to stand? Or a bodega clerk? For no reason. Get 'em some chairs!!

Hopefully it'll soon be a new world out there in the New York state workforce. Fingers crossed there's a whole lot more sitting going on for everyone.