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The New Netflix Redeem Team Documentary Looks Absolutely Incredible

John Biever. Getty Images.

Yup, I'm in. Granted it's well known around here that I am a big time sucker for any type basketball documentary but after watching that trailer I am confident in saying this one about the Redeem Team is going to rule. I can't lie, seeing all the Kobe highlights/clips of his interview made me pretty emotional, it sucks that he's not around to talk about this in real time. If you don't really remember the 2008 team, they were about as dominant as it gets

They had a +27.9 point differential which is one of Team USA's highest ever (they also had a +32.1 in the 2012 games when they won Gold) and considering how embarrassing it was in 2004 (5-3 record, +4.6 differential, Bronze medal), it was important for that group to re-establish the US as the dominant basketball power of the world. They changed up the roster a little bit, brought in Kobe and the rest was history. By comparison, in the last two US gold medals in 2016 and 2020, they only had a +22 and +20 point differential. That Redeem Team was something special. Some even argue it could take down The Dream Team and I dunno, I think you could convince me. They were that stacked. 

So now that we get some legit behind the scene footage/interviews about that team and that run, sign me the fuck up. I cannot wait for October 7th. Not only is it awesome watching the US destroy other teams, but if you're also going to give me never before seen footage well I don't see how this possibly couldn't be incredible.