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Blues Captain Ryan O'Reilly Has The Most Hockey Guy Ball Marker In The Game

There aren't many things worse than walking up to a green and realizing you left your ball marker in the cart. You're left with very few options at that point, and all of them stink. You either need to run back to the cart to grab said ball marker, or you need to rush to putt first to get your ball out of the way even though your boy is away by at least 10 feet. I guess technically you could always just use one of the tees in your pocket but for the sake of argument here, let's say you snapped it on the last tee box. Moral of the story is you just know a flustered three putt is coming your way when you get up to the green without a ball marker. 

So how does Ryan O'Reilly make sure his round never gets derailed by forgetting a ball marker? Pretty simple, actually. He just keeps his in his mouth the whole time.  Pop the front chiclet out, get a quick read, roll the rock, toss it back in your mouth, crush a few ice cold crispy boys at the turn, swing as violently as you can on the 10th tee, follow up a birdie with a 7, rinse & repeat. That's hockey guy golf right there.