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Margot Robbie Is A Coked Out Flapper In The First Trailer For 'Babylon'

Outsized ambition and outrageous excess leads to the rise and fall of multiple dreamers in 1920s Los Angeles.

When you're talking about Oscar predictions, 'Babylon' has been at the top of most expert's lists for best picture for a long time. After all, director Damien Chazelle is only 37 and already won best director and was behind the camera for both a best supporting actor and best actress win. Add this pretty stacked cast and you have an almost too-big-to-fail type movie. That is kind of what worries me. 

Movies about making movies are either amazing, or total ass. Fortunately, Chazelle does have a good track record if you want to consider 'La La Land' as being part of that genre. 

I have faith in him and a stellar cast lead by one of the best actresses in hollywood but I just can't shake a hesitation after watching the trailer. Maybe that's because i felt shades of the abysmal 'The Great Gatsby' which isn't fair to Chazelle. We'll see!