Watch: Guy Gets Ripped From Crowd At Queen's Funeral Procession For Screaming In Prince Andrew's Face

Time and place, my friend. Time and place. We all know Prince Andrew is a sick fuck, but making the funeral procession about him? Probably not the classiest of moves. Then again neither is hanging out with Jeffery Epstein, so he probably deserves it. Scratch that- he definitely deserves it.  Prince Andrew is one of the great scumbags of our generation. A man who quite literally has accomplished nothing all while surrounding himself with criminals on the tax payers dime and catching zero flack. And the flack that he should've caught, especially in the media, was never properly delivered because Epstein was dominating the headlines. Sad. Here's what the guy who screamed at him had to say after the fact...

Preach brother. No word on whether or not the King will send this man to the guillotine, but all signs point to yes. You don't disrespek the queen and get away with it. Have a lovely Tuesday.