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Taliban Helicopter Rides Are Not Going Well!

Honestly I'm amazed they've been able to maintain & continue flying any of these at all, so I'm not surprised to see an accident like this. 

Via Task & Purpose

The American-made Black Hawk helicopter crashed on Saturday during a training flight over Kabul, Taliban ministry of defense spokesman Enaytullah Khowrazmi told Reuters. Three Afghans were killed and another five were injured in the crash, which Taliban officials are attributing to a “technical problem,” Khowrazmi said.

It is not known how many of the Black Hawks that the Taliban captured last year are still able to fly. Four UH 60s flew as part of a parade held by the Taliban on Aug. 31 to mark the first anniversary of their victory over the former Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Highly recommend reading the rest of the T&P article to learn more about... Connecticut's contribution to this quagmire(?!), the $7B in equipment the Taliban captured as we dipped out ("including more than $923 million worth of military aircraft"), and what exactly happened with this particular Black Hawk that caused it to spiral & crash. (My guess was that a bee got in the cockpit, because that's how it'd look if that happened to me.)

Meanwhile over in the Russian Air Force things also appear to be taking a dive: 

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