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Love The Fact Shelby Harris Mocked The Broncos For Trading Him To Seattle And Made Fun Of Russ During His Postgame Interview

Yep, that's how you do it. Shelby Harris was part of the package the Broncos traded for Russ Wilson therefore he has every right to say whatever you want in an interview. I think this should be the standard going forward. If you win? You can say whatever you want and no one can make fun of it. You want to mock Russ?  Go ahead. You want to deliver a jab at the Broncos for trading you? You deserve it. 

Oh now speaking of that Javonte Williams fumble? 

That's the story for the Broncos. They had no fucking clue how time or clocks work. So many times they took a delay of game and in that play they scrambled to the line and had to rush the play. How does that happen? You should never take a delay of game when you're simply calling a play and getting to the line. I don't know if that was Russ or Hackett or what - but learn how to read a goddamn clock. Also just give the ball to Javonte Williams more. He's a million times better than Melvin Gordon. 

Now, should Denver trade Shelby Harris (and others) for Russ? Of course. We're talking about the QB position here. That said, Seattle had him rattled last night. Whether it was having him scramble or the delay of games. He didn't look comfortable one bit. 

Pretty sure everyone is going to hit the world with a Let's Ride after beating the Broncos. You can't put out that video, Denver. You better run the table if you do.