Ryan Clark Hopped On SVP's Show After MNF And Decided To Roast The Hell Out Of Drew Lock For No Reason At All

Listen, I like making fun of Drew Lock as much as anyone but this is just flat out mean by Ryan Clark. Uncalled for even! Drew Lock did nothing - quite literally. The Seahawks even won! I could understand if the Broncos lost and Lock, you know, played. But to highlight the man standing on the sidelines after losing out on QB1 to Geno Smith is damn near bullying. You can even tell in SVP's voice. The man was shocked. He couldn't believe Ryan Clark decided to make fun of Drew Lock being a bench player that bad. 

The highlight on Lock is so unnecessary. Funny but unnecessary. Listen, Clark isn't 'wrong' per se. I mean if this is the Geno Smith the Seahawks get all year they won't be the worst team in the league. I don't know how much I can trust Geno Smith for 17 games, but he was good enough last night. I also don't know how many times the Seahawks will go up against a team that simply doesn't believe in time and play clocks.