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Kenan and Kel Were Making Good Burger Jokes At The Emmys Last Night, Making The Emmys Officially Cool Again

LETS GOOOOOO. Allegedly, this bit was a tease for a rumored sequel to Good Burger. I'm all in. I remember seeing OG Good Burger in theaters and we all went fucking APESHIT every single time we heard the word "Good Burger." Today, they could whisper it and a room full of 25-35 year olds would shout themselves hoarse:

Some good old fashioned fun. I know everyone likes to hate on award shows but I think they're doing a pretty good job of turning them around lately. The shows/movies that end up on the awards are ones that people actually like, they're getting real funny people to make the jokes, and they're not afraid to shamelessly dip into the nostalgia pool when they need to. Good Burger jokes just bought them another year from me.