Jennifer Coolidge Won An Emmy Last Night And Danced Through The Music They Tried To Play Her Off The Stage With During Her Speech

What a superstar. I have Jennifer Coolidge on the list of "women who have always been funny, overly glamorous but kind of a mess" right alongside Goldie Hawn and almost any character Cate Blanchett plays in a movie. A well deserved win after her appearance on White Lotus, the HBO series nominated in this category - Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology series. I was heavily obsessed with this show, I can't wait for season 2. 

Our girl Jennifer is one of those women who we've always known and loved, and in every role she plays, we remember her for it. Stiffler's mom, Paulette from Legally Blonde, The botox mom from Cinderella Story, we accept the new skin she wears and we fall in love with it. Even on White Lotus, her character was still "her" but at the same time, unlike anything we'd seen her do. Shockingly sad and serious from the woman who "wants a hot dog real bad." 

I'm not any kind of expert on acting but I would think that would be the #1 requirement to be a character actor. No matter who you are, everyone loves and remembers you for who you've given us. I would LOVE to be someone like this. I bet it's really satisfying if you allow yourself to feel it.

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