Kentucky Football Eating A Big Ass Gator For Dinner Last Night Is Even More Proof This Program Knows How To Be Great

That's a big ass, dead, delicious gator. Seriously if you haven't had gator it's good as hell. Tastes like chicken. It's also became fairly normal at Kentucky that during a home game against Florida to eat some gator on Friday/Saturday afternoon. Now we have Will Levis sending it out on Instagram. There have been two responses:

1. Smart people saying it's funny.

2. Dumb idiots who think this is Kentucky unable to move on from beating Florida (again). 

Newsflash to the dumb idiots, college teams do shit like this all the time. Levis just happened to put it on Instagram. It's Youngstown State week - not like they can eat a penguin. That would be disgusting. You spend your first practice back celebrating the win a little bit and get ready for Youngstown. That simple. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Oh and speaking of getting ready. 

That's All-SEC running back Chris Rodriguez coming back. That's one of the best running backs in the country coming back for SEC play. Couldn't come at a better time. We saw Kentucky struggle a bit to run in the first half against Florida. Now you have some depth at the position with Rodriguez coming back. 

Oh and Will Compton and the rest of Nebraska? 

No Mark Stoops isn't going to go to Nebraska. He'll stay at the better program.