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Watch As Comedian Joel McHale Jinxes The Seahawks & Causes A Fumble Mid-Play

A special guest on Manningcast may have been costly for the Seahawks tonight. 

"Can we not appreciate that the Seahawks, I feel like, were counted out.. 32nd in the power rankings, all about how 'Russel left', and we're, we're ya know, "in shambles"... we're only left with our bright green uniforms... but we are playing GREA..."

* ~ DK Metcalf loses the ball ~ *


"Oooo.. oh. Other than that."

Giphy Images.

Find me more perfect timing from the sports universe, I'll wait. 

We're well past that point in the game now & the Seahawks still lead 17 - 16, but it's been ugly. My goodness what a jinx. I've spent enough time in the gambling cave with the fellas to know you simply don't gas up your guys too much mid-play.