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UMP SHOW: A BIZARRE Scene In Cleveland Ends Up With Both Managers Getting Ejected On The Same Play

I don't know if we've ever seen BOTH managers from opposing teams get thrown out on the same play. You just don't see that very often, I can't remember it ever happening. It starts off as a harmless play, the umps have a discussion to see if Andrés Giménez was hit by the pitch after he had a check swing. While the umps are talking Terry Francona comes out of the dugout and starts chirping, then it gets kicked up a notch.Tito keeps giving it to him and eventually gets tossed. 

Then we get some FANTASTIC shots of Tito screaming" FUCK YOU" while he's 2 inches away from Ron Kulpa's face. Those were some of the most pronounced F bombs I've ever seen. Amazing technique from Francona there. He got his moneys worth. Tito heads down to the clubhouse and Kulpa is ready to get this thing going again, but since it's been 2-3 minutes with no action, Angels pitcher Ryan Tepera wanted to get some throws in. That is when the man everyone paid to see decides he wants more action. Kulpa tells Tepera that he isn't allowed to throw any pitches "BECAUSE I SAID SO". Word for word from his mouth. That is when Phil Nevin comes out to argue. He isn't happy with that his pitcher was stranded out there for a few minutes without being able to throw. Now HE gets the boot. Everyone getting ejected tonight, Kulpa would throw you out just for looking at him. Both managers on the same play, just amazing. This was a hell of an Ump Show put on by Ron Kulpa, I'm happy he became the story of the night. What a night in Cleveland.