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Disney Should Actually Make Peyton Manning Tim Allen's Replacement In Their New Series "The Santa Clauses"

So this trailer dropped yesterday and it appears it’s just an NFL-tailored promo, they shot a version with Peyton to air during the MNF broadcast. But it is a legit Disney trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series.

Based on Peyton’s proclivity to film commercials. (I.e.- he’s an endorsement whore). (Exhibit A- Cut That Meat), this shouldn't be any surprise.

But regardless, this got me hyped.

First things first, I am a HUGE Tim Allen guy. Huge.

I celebrate his entire catalog. 

Home Improvement was obviously one of the best shows of all time, 

his Toy Story character is the definition iconic, 

he was fantastic in Galaxy Quest, 

and even his work in the “Pure Michigan” commercials is elite.

Seeing him get bumped out of Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear prequel was fuckin bullshit. A legend like him deserves better. And it showed signs of a stressed relationship between him and Disney. But seeing he’s back, somewhat, to reprise one of his best roles ever- The Santa Clause.

Because make no mistake about it, “The Santa Clause” films are two of the most underrated, and best Christmas movies of all time.

Sorry, I’m not sorry about “A Christmas Story”.

I’m not saying it sucks; I’m just saying once you see it once you’re good and there’s zero reason we need 24-hour TNT marathons for it. That’s all.

However, “The Santa Clause”? Straight fire Christmas movie. Allen brings the heat from start to finish. Plenty of dry-humored, one-liner, wisecracks that both kids and adults can enjoy.

And if he’s going to really be passing the torch in this new series, Peyton is the perfect candidate.

He works great with kids 

He’ll have no problem putting on the fat costume and playing the role of a jolly old man, as he’s very comfortable in his own skin and very self-deprecating 

And as long as this series wraps up before the playoffs, which it definitely should seeing as the Christmas season ends well before the first round, he should have no problem delivering a great performance.

p.s. - good to see Bernard back in the mix too