Jake Paul's Boxing Coach Criticized Him For Picking Anderson Silva As His Next Opponent

I feel like no matter what, Jake Paul's coach should be the first person to know who he is in line to fight next. That should be common sense. Silva has been talked about for awhile for Jake, so how stupid can you be? I think it is a great fight. Anderson Silva is one of the most respected fighters in the game and he isn't retired. Yes, I know he is old but he has been boxing and is 3-1 against real good boxers too.

Which is why it is never good when your coach is saying what every commenter or media person is saying about Jake's next fight. If Jake wins this fight though, people will need to stop with all of those questions this is a legit fight where a lot of people think he will lose. 

I was wondering how Jake would promote this fight because it usually is done with trolling or being loud. Anderson Silva is known for being the nicest guy in the world but a killer in the cage. So I was wondering if Jake was going to do what he did in his previous fights. This made me like Jake even more after the weigh-ins today. 

He said all of his previous opponents were dickheads so he treated them like dickheads. You can genuinely see how much Jake actually respects him as a fighter and also wants to respectfully knock him out. He really is taking this seriously and isn't in this for the money — he wants to be the best. This is a huge jump in opponents and I think his coach is completely wrong. This is also the most interesting thing happening in boxing especially as a casual myself. His coach shouldn't be on social media and should just focus on training Jake.