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I Crashed A Child's Birthday Party And It Had The Coolest Twist Ending

Have you ever driven by a random house with a million cars out front, knowing they’re having a party and thought to yourself “What if I just went in?” I feel like we we've all thought about it, but have you ever followed through with the idea?

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Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to pull up and crash a random house party, and last weekend I was the perfect amount of buzzed to get the courage to do so. 

My friends and I were driving through a rich neighborhood on the way home from a little High Noon filled beach day and saw the perfect opportunity to fulfill my bucket list dream. It took little to no effort to convince my friends to follow through with the plan, the tricky part was getting the DD to be in on all this. After much deliberation, she eventually agreed to stay in the car in case the plan fell to shit. 

Ideally, I wanted to go in and pretend I knew everyone and eventually stay until we either made friends or someone kicked us out. But as we got closer to the backyard gate, cooler in hand, I quickly realized it was a child's birthday party. At this point, all the WASP’y wives had eyes on us and it was too late to turn back. 

Before we even opened the white picket fence handle, I knew this wasn’t the scene for us to pretend we were supposed to be there so I immediately blurted out “I THINK WE’RE AT THE WRONG HOUSE.” We played it off as an oopsie doops mix up and we were heading out on our way, until…

The man in charge of the burgers and dogs shouted out to me from behind his Grill Master 5000 “HEY, ARE YOU MICKEY’S KID” and I couldn’t believe my ears. I am in fact Mickey’s kid, and Mickey is in fact my father. 

What are the odds that this man knows my 54 year old father at a children's birthday party 30 maybe 40 minutes away from my hometown?

Turns out, this guy and my dad go way back and it honestly was the comic relief we needed in our failed attempt to crash a party. 

I’m just glad I got the whole thing on video.