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Whoa: Ecuador Might Get Kicked Out Of The World Cup (Again) After 'Evidence Of Fake Birth Certificates And Multiple Identities'

[Source] - The stunning revelation in FIFA's inquiry into the case of Byron Castillo comes days before their Appeals Commission are due to rule on the matter on Thursday, and could alter the identity of Qatar's opponents in the first game of the World Cup and who England will face in the last 16.

 In a new piece of evidence that will send shockwaves through South American football and create a major headache for FIFA, Sportsmail today publishes an audio recording of an interview Castillo gave to investigators four years ago, in which he:

  • Clearly states he was born in 1995 as opposed to the 1998 date given on his Ecuadorian birth certificate.
  • Gives his full name as Bayron Javier Castillo Segura, matching the details of his Colombian birth certificate, rather than the name on the Ecuador certificate, Byron David Castillo Segura.
  • Describes in detail leaving the Colombian city of Tumaco for San Lorenzo in Ecuador to pursue a career in football.
  • Names an Ecuadorian businessman who provided him with a new identity.

The recording comes from a formal interview conducted by the head of the FEF's Investigative Commission with Castillo in 2018. In another seismic development Sportsmail today publish a letter outlining the conclusions of the Investigative Commission, which were delivered to the FEF's president and Disciplinary Commission in December 2018.

You may remember some of this story. I thought it was done. I didn't know more was going on: 

It was eventually ruled in favor of Ecuador and I thought it was done. Howevah, we're getting an appeal on Thursday and this information is new to that: 

That's why this matters. I have no idea if they kick Ecuador out. I doubt it. I mean it's FIFA. They are so corrupt so unless Chile starts paying more or something are they really going to change Qatar's first match? That's the other thing here. Ecuador is supposed to open the World Cup against Qatar. We're a couple months away and that might end up being Chile? Sure. 

I've also come to learn during this thing that South American soccer fans are even more batshit crazy than I expected. People are in my mentions like CIA agents. All I'm saying is FIFA could kick out Ecuador and this is the new information being presented. I don't know what else to say besides that. 

I also don't know how you keep Ecuador in the World Cup if this is the case. If all this is true and FIFA is presented with it, you have to kick them out. You can't be using illegal players. It's happened before. 1990 saw Mexico get DQ'd during the qualifying process. Now that's a little different than 2 months out, but there's at least history here. 

Everything about this World Cup doesn't make sense. This is what we deserve for FIFA putting this shit in Qatar.