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Russell Wilson Showed Up To Tonight’s Revenge Game Against The Seahawks Dressed As Mr. Unliiiiiimited

Nothing to see here, folks! It’s just Mr. Unliiiiiiimited arriving at his old home stadium to play some pigskin for a few hours against his former teammates and coaches. Totally normal and clearly nothing to do with all the shit that went down during Russ’ time in Seattle.

In all seriousness though, you have to be feeling great if you bet the Broncos tonight, right? I mean there’s no way Russ can show up dressed like that and put up anything less than 350 yards and 4 touchdowns, let alone lose a showdown to Geno Smith. If he did, he’d have to walk back to Denver because you can’t look your teammates in the face after all that happens, right? 

This may be the sign Jersey Jerry needs to not hedge his parlay tonight.

I guess there’s only one more thing to say…

P.S. I need Pete Carroll to match Russ outfit for outfit by wearing the train baron disguise in real life from this first ballot Hall of Fame gif