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A Likely Hungover Shane Lowry Showed How To Celebrate Winning A Golf Tournament With This First/Last Drink Video

Goddamn this is great. We've seen this become a trend before with this wedding video: 

But now we're getting it in the sports world after Shane Lowry won BMW PGA Championship by a stroke over Rory and Rahm. Not too shabby! I know it was only 54-holes after the Queen's death, but it's still a major victory. It's still Lowry beating out two of the best in the world. That counts in my book. 

But this video? This is why Shane Lowry is high on my list of athletes I want to drink with. That and his caddie. What a showing by Bo there. That's exactly what a caddie should look like and how he should celebrate his guy winning a big time event. The jibberish in the middle is perfect. I have no idea what he is truly saying between the accent and the beeping, but I know he's having a good time. 

Oh and you know Lowry is feeling it this morning with this picture: 

We've all been there. Not as rich or good looking. But we've all been there. Coffee is a must. Lowry is a pro here though. He knows how to power through. He also knows how to release the video AFTER this picture. Job well done there.