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Pat Narduzzi Correctly Identified Himself As A 'Dumbass' For Passing At The End Of The First Half And Getting Kedon Slovis Hurt

Pat Narduzzi seems to be kicking himself for a decision which may have not only cost Pitt its game against Tennessee, but possibly a chunk of its season.

Narduzzi was asked on Monday about his decision to go for points at the end of the first half, which ended up with Kedon Slovis taking a hard sack that knocked him out for the rest of the game — Slovis also fumbled and let Tennessee get a field goal before halftime, an obviously huge play in a game that went to overtime.

I don't know with what inflection Narduzzi said that, but if he was being sarcastic, he may have inadvertently stumbled upon the truth. If he ever calls himself an insufferable asshole, we'll know he's actually become self-aware.

Narduzzi said there was no update on Slovis as of Monday, so only time will tell how much his "dumbass" — his words, not mine — decision will end up costing Pitt.