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It Is Impossible To Be More Of A Vibe Than Galloping Through The McDonald's Drive-Thru On A Horse

Just when I think the biggest possible vibe going through a McDonald's drive-thru is my weekly attendance after a night of drinking. There's no 2 ways around it that half the fun of drinking alcohol on the weekends is to wake up with a super dry mouth & immediately get in the car to go to straight to the McDonald's drive-thru to purchase a small Diet Coke. I don't even care about sips 2, 3, 4, or 5. All I care about is that first sip you take after a long night and GODDAMN it's the absolute best. Just a beautiful way to begin a beautiful day of recovery. Can't get better than that...or can it?

I think it can & it happens to be from the Blessed Equestrian on TikTok. As an avid fast food fan for many years I've always wondered if you're allowed to simply walk up to a drive-thru and why the answer would ever be no? Although I've never tried because I'm a pussy. Yet you know what's even one step further on the cool scale? Going through the drive through on a LITERAL HORSE. You know what makes it EVEN cooler? The order of 100 McNuggets. Not 10. Not 20. 100. I hope that pony is ready for some ranch sauce as well (extremely underrated sauce is McDonald's ranch).