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Introducing The Newest Podcast At Barstool Sports

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This is a big week for me. I have always been fascinated by the world of criminals. I started my podcast the Sitdown about a year ago. It started hot and I grew it. Now that I am back at the Pirate Ship, the boss has given me my button. This is a true crime show, but also a historical and current look at the world of crime. Everyone from John Gotti, to Lucky Luciano to Viktor Bout to Griselda Blanco. This show just delves deep, very deep into the long obsessed world of crime. 

Weekly EVERY WEDESNDAY, I look at the sinister and evil lives of the world's most ruthless people. Ones that are both alive and dead. Everything from the Mafia, to the drug trade, cartels, terrorists, war criminals, serial killers, white collar criminals and more. We also will interview the people associated with this world, from the criminals themselves, FBI agents and law enforcement, former inmates and more. 

This podcast is going to be complex, sometimes very graphic and detailed. It's unlike really anything anyone has ever done on the Barstool Sports podcast network and I hope you give it a shot. I promise you will walk away learning something. The first episode back will be this Wed Sept 14 on Mexican drug trafficker Chapo Guzman.