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North Korean Band Absolutely CRUSHES A Cover of Rage Against The Machine - One of the Hermit Nation's Favorite Bands

Now, I dont know about you but I cant be the only one who thinks that version of Killing In The Name Of absolutely slaps. Of course it's fake. Big fake. Titty fake. That doesnt matter AT ALL. It's a good-ass fake and that's what is important here. I've said it over and over again that I'm a sucker for a good cover AND a good mashup. That probably began when I started watching Glee with the rest of my buds after the games were over. We loved that shit. Each week the fellas would come over with various chips and dips. We'd watch a little ball and then watch the high notes fall. It was great. Probably because of the mashups. 

I loved the Mash-Ups. It was truly amazing how they could pair Journey with another band like Wings so seamlessly. These videos from North Korea arent technically a mash up but that's ok. These little kids crush their performances which I'm sure was fun for them to practice for and not scary at all. Reminds me of Live Aid in London circa 1985. You know the one I'm talkin about. If not, it'll come flooding back after you watch this. 

Those first two examples are MUCH better entertainment than the real performances which flat out stink. I didn't even really want to include the real versions but as a blogger bound to the rules of journalism, I will abide by the rules of the profession. 

 Who would want to go see this group take the bass line down for a little walk? Not me. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO