The First NFL Sunday Of The Year Is Complete. Let's Overreact!

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NFL Week 1 is in the books. The NFL is an all time overreaction league. We've waited forever to get football back, so when it comes back we're excited for it all. We wanna watch every game, we're wagering responsibly in each slate and at night, we talk about who looks good, who looks bad, and we make bold predictions off of those. " This team sucks", and "this team can win the division" are the extremes fans declare after just watching 1 game. It's the best. Nothing like a good old fashion overreaction. 

So I'm starting a new series of Monday NFL Overreactions. Each week I'll dive into the 5 biggest overreactions around the league. I'll dive into which ones may actually merit, and which ones are complete overreactions.

Away we go… 

1- The New York Giants Are A Serious Threat To Win The NFC East

You knew I was going to start with a banger. Hear me out. The Cowboys look like TRASH and will be without Dak Prescott for several weeks. The Commanders have Carson Wentz at the helm. Say what you want, but Wentz will eventually Wentz. Eventually the weather will change from 73 degrees and Wentz will be driving Commanders fans insane. 

73 Degree QB God Carson Wentz Strikes Again

The Eagles are still very much the front runner but got in a shootout with the Lions. Maybe that defense isn't as great as it was touted. Leaving the pesky Giants waiting in the wings. 

Oh and by the way….The G Men looked great yesterday. The almighty Titans rough and tough defense gave up 238 YARDS ON THE GROUND TO THE MOTHERFUCKING GIANTS! Barkley looked great. Daniel Jones was reliable aside from a bad INT.  The Giants are a real deal football team (compared to years past when they absolutely sucked) and have a coach with balls.

Now laugh at that all you want. But take a gander at the Giants schedule. 

Carolina, Dallas (without Dak) and Chicago all at home the next three.

Green Bay across the pond. A tough game but huge not having to go to Lambeau. Then they have Baltimore at home. 

@ Jacksonville and @ Seattle before a bye week. 

That is VERY VERY manageable. Keep an eye on the New York Giants to sneak up the standings in the NFC East. 

Of all the reactions, this very much could be a valid statement. 

2- The Colts Stink 

20-20 tie vs the Houston Texans? Are we kidding? This game until the very end was mostly out of the Red Zone rotation, but a deep dive into the box score shows the Colts out-gaining Houston 517-299. I don't know if that's something to help or hurt the Colts. On one hand, gaining 517 yards is impressive but Jesus Christ you have to find a way to win that game if you hold that much of a yardage advantage. 


Taylor looked solid (161 and a score), but should there be worries that Matt Ryan isn't a lock to be like Stafford was with the Rams? 

The Monday overreaction is the Colts stink and given that result, it may have some merit. 

3- The Steelers Had A Nice Win But "The Season Is Over" According To Jersey Jerry

No in between with Jersey Jerry. TJ Watt went down as did Najee Harris. The Black and Yellow need to get healthy to have a shot, but even the biggest fans are saying the season is dead. 

4- The NFC North Runs Through Minnesota 

Hannah Foslien. Getty Images.

My favorite preseason sleeper to win a division was The Minnesota Vikings +240.  Justin Jefferson was the best player on the field yesterday. Rodgers was shooting his sidelines and WR's looks of hate. Cousins looked rejuvenated under a new coach. Minnesota's D looked really solid. 

This could all blow up on Tuesday after Cousin faces his mortal enemy, a primetime game, but for right now- the Vikings look like a top team in the NFC. 

5- The Patriots Could Miss The Playoffs 

I know this may be blasphemy, especially around these parts given this company's history but the AFC is very deep. VERY deep. 

Bills, Ravens, Bengals, Chargers, Broncos, Chiefs are all no doubt about it better than the Patriots. 

The Raiders, Dolphins, Colts and Titans all may be better than the Patriots. 

Anyone else think it could be very difficult for the Patriots to find a playoff spot? 

Back next week with some more overreactions…