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Negotiating Masterclass: Breaking Down The 6 Demands Agent/Wife Wanda Nara Made For Maruro Icardi To Join Galatasaray

You may know the story of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi. If not, buckle on in because, sure. You see Wanda Nara used to be married to Maxi Lopez - another soccer player. In fact he was teammates with Maruo Icardi. You can guess where this is going. Nara left Lopez for Icardi AND became his agent. 

Okay now that we're up to speed let's talk about Icardi. He's had a weird career - mostly because of this whole ordeal. There was a claim he was blackballed because of this. Spent time with Inter and PSG before now being on loan at Galatasaray. That's where we're going with this. 

Wanda Nara put on a masterclass in negotiations thanks to these six demands. Drew Rosenhaus and Scott Boras need to learn a lesson or two. Here they are: 

[Source] - Nara, who also acts as his representative, made a list of demands for him to join the club, according to Mundo Deportivo. And she was involved in negotiations again for this loan move as she reportedly made six demands.

These included a 24-hour driver for the 29-year-old to take him around town.

A personal chef was also requested as a term of the deal, the report says.

Nara also reportedly wanted a house secured for the family and for them to have security.

Along with this, she wanted a hotel to stay in until December and schools for her children to attend.

I love the move of asking for a driver. I know they are rich. I know there's Uber and everything else. But give me a personal driver. One who knows I don't need small talk. One who I don't have to do the 'yeah I'm right on the corner here, blue shirt. Okay, yeah I see you. No, no. I'll come down that way.' It sucks. It's annoying. I love the idea of just being able to ask one person to take me somewhere. No negotiations, no talk, no nothing. Just in the car and moving. 

Even better is the personal chef. Again, standard move for a rich person. That actually might be the biggest sign of being rich. If you have a personal chef you can afford basically anything. I say this as a person with two young kids who actually enjoys cooking. Cooking sucks. It takes too much time. I can never time it right from when my son gets home from day care or before he melts down from hunger. Give me the chef to just do it for me. 

Now I have to say I'm confused by the house secured but also hotel. Is she just giving them a deadline? Living in a hotel is kind of sweet. Not with kids though. Again, remember, there are kids involved here. It's not like you get to live in this posh hotel alone. It becomes basically an apartment. Just get me a house with security, a driver and personal chef. Let me live that way. 

PS: Never forget this gem: 

This family LOVES to put demands out there. Calm down at some point.