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Accountability: Joe Burrow Refused To Shower After Losing To The Steelers

There are a couple of different ways to look at this. Maybe Joe Burrow is a little too banged up to go shower? He was getting sacked numerous times despite every person in Cincinnati telling me about their new and improved offensive line. Sure, the Steelers defense is one of the best in the league, but you want to contend for Super Bowls right? You don't get to use that excuse every time you play a good defense. 

Maybe Joe Burrow is so distraught that he threw five picks. I know I would be. You are playing your rival at home with all the hype. It wasn't good. It was about worst case scenario. This has nothing to do with the missed TD call, the missed extra points or field goals or whatever. A loss is a loss. Burrow also didn't play great. I think anyone can agree to that, even if he lost Higgins for most of the game. 

Then there's this possibility: 

If that's the case, he just doesn't understand content. Everyone knows if you have a bathroom accident in your pants you put it on Twitter. 

If I find out that Burrow had pee pants and that's why he refused to shower or stand up then I need to change my blog. It's not leadership. It would have me selling all Burrow stock.