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Jerry Jones Tells Reporters That Dak Will Require Surgery And Miss Several Weeks As Cowboys Fans Fight In The Stands



Well it's official. The man in the cowboy hat took a look at Dak's hand and decided to take him out back and shoot him. Thankfully someone else stepped in and said don't do that, let's just take him to a real doctor and get him surgery. So that's what they are going to do. Dak will now miss some time with a hand injury, meaning Cooper Rush will be playing our 1-0 Commanders in a few weeks. It's really a shame for the Cowboys season to be starting out this way. I mean, getting embarrassed on national television, throwing trash on the best QB they've seen in decades, and then fighting in the stands????



Sickens and saddens me to my stomach. You just hate to see this happen to a franchise like the Cowboys and an upstanding owner like Jerry Jones. For shame, my friends. For shame.