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11 Cars Burn To A Crisp Outside Hard Rock Stadium After Someone Puts Grill In Trunk

The Patriots weren't the only ones who lost in Miami today... Anyone who parked next to the wrong car also walked out to an L. 


Those in attendance at Sunday’s season-opening contest between the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins were subject to a scary scene following the game.

According to the Miami-Dade Fire Department, at least eight cars caught fire in the parking lot outside of Hard Rock Stadium when a tailgater left their grill on before heading inside for the game. Black smoke could be seen filling the air from inside the stadium, which is when the Dolphins released a statement explaining that cars had caught fire, per Ruthie Polinsky of NBC South Florida.

Going off the Tweet below it looks like the person put the grill in their trunk and, obviously, it was still pretty toasty when they did. Reports are saying that all-together 11 vehicles burned

Back in 2018 the same thing happened at MetLife during a Jets game in two separate areas of the lot. In both cases the cars had parked over top of hot coals other groups had dumped: 

In one case, a car burned after the driver apparently parked in an area where tailgators had earlier dumped coals from their grill, Goez said.

Another car parked over hot coals caught fire in another part of the parking lot, he said, and the fire spread to five other surrounding vehicles.

I'm assuming if I dug deep enough I could find cases of this happening (though perhaps not to these extremes) at pretty much every stadium across America. In fact, after a little Googling I started getting ads for "Tailgate Accident Attorneys" which goes to show these lots are a hotbed of #mayhem in a variety of ways. I need a reality show featuring stadium lot staff ASAP.