Brian Daboll Dancing His Beautiful Bald Head Off In The Locker Room Has Me Convinced He's Going To Lead The Giants To A Super Bowl

I need to correct my headline a little bit. It's the fact that he had the balls to go for the win and not settle for overtime. That's a man. That's a leader. But the fact he's not afraid to dance his ass off and lead the dancing? That's a coach. That's a guy I'm happy to take over this franchise. You know who wouldn't do this?

Jason Garrett.

Pat Shurmur.

Joe Judge. 

Cool guy haircut Ben McAdoo

Probably because they never won. But also because they just suck(ed). Brian Daboll though? There's something special about him. Something different. You know what it is?

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

Bald is beautiful baby. I knew once we got a fellow bald we'd be in good hands. Can't get a cool guy haircut without hair.

Please don't go get hair transplants. I can't go through that again.

All I know is Daboll is figuring shit out. Whether it's him getting in the face of Daniel Jones and not treating him like a baby, going for the win, dancing. He has it. 

The new era is here. We're dancing. We're not doing laps - I'm so happy Clem isn't running a lap around his house. The big man needs a break. We're going to hit the Daboll dance.