So Long A-Rod! Albert Pujols Now Sits Alone In Fourth Place All-Time With 697 Homers

700 is so close for Albert Pujols, he can smell it. The Machine blasted 697 today while also putting the Cards ahead in the 9th. An absolute rocket out to right-center which also gave us a great 3-way scrum for the ball. He knew it too. He stared that ball down for a good while, but when you've hit 697 of them you can do that. Pujols now sits behind Babe Ruth with 714, Hank Aaron with 755, and Barry Bonds with 762. For a while it looked like 700 was a pipe dream, but with 21 games to go it almost feels like a lock he gets there. 

Now you just have to look at WHERE he's going to hit 700. It has to be in St. Louis, it just has to. They've got 7 straight home games before heading on a 8 game road trip and then have 6 straight at home vs the Pirates. I'd love to see him get it in this homestand so we don't have to see him get to 700 in Los Angeles or Milwaukee. Hell, with that final 6 vs the Pirates he actually may catch Babe Ruth the way they've been tossing meatballs up there. Bring it home Al, let's see 700. 

And how great is this? This guy caught Pujols' 697 ball and what did Al do? Sign a few balls for them, let them keep 697 and gave them something awesome to remember. What a guy.