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Tommy Lee Is The Latest To Hop On The OnlyFans Trend

Welp. Can't say I expected Tommy Lee to join OnlyFans this weekend....but I guess I'm a fool for not predicting that this was coming at some point, considering how much this guy loves whippin out his world famous hammer.

I mean, Tommy was straight up posting naked selfies on Instagram and Facebook a few weeks back, for seemingly no reason other than to show off his dick....

....and then tried to get guys to take out their dicks at a Mötley Crüe concert a few days later....

….and then he whipped out his wiener on stage!

Ahhhhh gotcha! That last one was a wacky lil bit. 

You'd have to assume his wife Brittany Furlan (from Vine) smartened him up to the fact that in the year of our lord 2022 people will actually pay to see pictures of his penis, so why not make a profit off it (while also making sure he doesn't get banned on Instagram)? I mean, it's probably a Top 10 most famous penis ever, right? It had a speaking role opposite Sebastian fuckin Stan this year!

If that 'Pam & Tommy' show on Hulu taught me anything, though, it's that just about everyone in the 90's made more money off that notoriously stolen celebrity sextape than the couple starring in it did, so I guess you gotta respect Tommy gettin some back all these years later. 

You can subscribe now for $40 a month. 

Hoping to see him in the office for an episode of OnlyStans with Glenny Balls soon!

Until then, check out Tommy Lee in My Mom's Basement….