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The Bears Holder Got An Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty For Wiping Down The Field With His Towel And Pushed Them Out Of Field Goal Range

Football is about playing in the elements! What happened to Chicago Bears football? Bear weather? The 2022 Bears are out here drying the field so it's all perfect for the hold. Pathetic. 

Gotta think punter Trenton Gill thought of this in pregame when the field began to flood and figured he was a genius. All these games affected by rain throughout the decades of football being played and no one thought to dry the field before the play. Now we know why. Unfortunately for him, one of the refs on the field somehow knew this was a rule and it cost his team a chance at three points. No way all the refs were aware you couldn't do this right? I mean you can have a snow plow push off the snow, but you can't use your little towel? One of the dumbest rules maybe in all of sports, but a rule nonetheless. 

Not sure it gets more Chicago Bears than getting a 15 yard penalty for drying the field for a kick and pushing yourself out of field goal range. Incredible start to the year. Justin Fields finally crosses mid-field and puts them in a spot for actual points only for the holder to fuck it all up with an unsportsmanlike penalty by the punter. 

Football is so back.