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Well We ARE The *Washington* Commanders...


I fucking love this stupid fucking team. It's the little things like this. It's our first real game as the Commanders and to celebrate they are selling mugs with the state of Washington on them. It's so god damn perfect. Like, I'm not even joking, we should compete with the Seahawks for the state of Washington's fandom. It makes so much sense. Get a little west coast presence, ya know?

Unfortunately though, they seem to have removed the mugs. Sad!



I think we gotta just run with it. 

No idea if this is true, but this guy is saying the NFL fucked up...but the Commanders still put them on sale.



That's Dan Snyder for you, baby! They were probably $50 also.

If anyone was able to get one, I'll pay a premium. It's so awesome.