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Adrian Peterson Got Knocked The Fuck Out By LeVeon Bell

I can't believe I am about to say this but Adrian Peterson can't see straight and actually got knocked the fuck out by LeVeon bell. This poor bastard is a sweaty bald bag who has a lazy eye after he just got dropped. The worst part about all of this is when you watch this video you are like why doesn't sound that loud after being knocked out. Well look at this... 

They supposedly gave out 1K tickets and only sold 200 tickets on their own. If I am about to get knocked out on national T.V. which wouldn't be me because I am a 1-0 boxer, but if I was AP it should at least be in front of a sold out crowd to make some money. This poor fuck can't see a thing in front of 1,200 people. They can't even blame it on covid, the bottom line is nobody gave a fuck that they were fighting. Like I said this is unfortunately what people will think about now when they think of Adrian Peterson. Oh that is the poor bastard who couldn't hang them up and got dropped on twitter. Even though really nobody cared about it. I don't mean to shit on the guy but you have to put up a better fight after being the best RB in the league for a lot of years. Tough look.