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Khamzat Chimaev Runs Right Through Kevin Holland With A Flawless Victory

Welp. Khamzat Chimaev is who we thought he was.

I know a lot of people (including me) were pulling for a miracle Kevin Holland win tonight after the shit Chimaev put this card through this week - something like this....


....but Khamzat Chimaev served us a cold plate of reality and absolutely ran through Kevin Holland in just a few minutes, making easy work of him and getting hit zero times in the process.

He shot for a takedown immediately while faking a glove tap, Kevin Holland barely reacted (Daniel Cormier said it looked like him shooting a takedown on Dana White, LOL at that visual), and Khamzat just worked towards a submission from there. Holland fought for a little bit, to be fair, but never really had a shot in this one. 

Joe Rogan asked Khamzat what went wrong with his weight cut this week in his post-fight interview, and Khamzat said he doesn't care, he kill everybody, he die in cage, but Rogan wouldn't let him off the hook and said if you want the welterweight championship one day you're gonna have to make weight. It was tremendous.

The crowd in Las Vegas absolutely HATED Khamzat as well, the boos were deafening. He may be the UFC's new biggest and baddest heel and I don't think he minds that one bit.

Thank god Kevin Holland got paid….

….and thank god we didn't have to see that happen to Nate Diaz in our main event. 

We still got Diaz vs Ferguson up next! Let's fucking go! War Diaz!