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The Jaguars Might Only Lose 4 Games This Season

Gary McCullough. Shutterstock Images.

I've spent the past few weeks looking at the Jaguars schedule and reviewing hours of tape. I am confident in saying that we may only lose 3 games this season, 4 tops. Hear me out! 

Week 1: At Washington - Dan Snyder is the only NFL owner that makes me thankful for Shad Khan. Whenever I even start to think of saying something bad about Khan, I think to myself "Hey, it could be worse. He could be Dan Snyder." Horrible owner to match their horrible stadium. It literally spews shit. If you told me their practice facility is a septic field, I would have no reason to doubt you. Easy first win. Don't even get me started on their new name. I hate to say it, but this is a funny tweet by Nate.

Week 2: Colts - Jaguars haven't lost to the Colts at home since 2014. Home game. Win.

Week 3: At Chargers - This will be Jacksonvilles first big test. They have to travel to the west coast to play the number one team in LA behind the Rams. Herbert on offense, Mack on defense. This could be an easy win. Just to be conservative, I'll call it a Jaguars loss.

Week 4: At Eagles - After possibly suffering their first loss of the season, they have to go up to the city that will not be showing them any brotherly love. I'm not too concerned with Jalen Hurts, but I know they have a secret weapon. If Gardner Minshew gets any playing time, it could be disastrous for the Jaguars. Let's assume they keep him on the bench. Easy Win.

Week 5: Texans - Home Game. Win.

Week 6: At Colts - Going into Indianapolis. We already beat this team once. Matt Ryan is struggling to do anything with the passing game. Jonathan Taylor has no issues running the ball, but it's not enough. Jaguars win on a last second field goal.

Week 7: Giants - By week 7, even Clem will be questioning whether Danny Dimes was ever a good QB. I will get no pleasure walking into the office on Monday and seeing all the sad Giants fans. Easy home win.

Week 8: Broncos - London is Jaguars Country! Let's ride! - Home game. Easy win.

Week 9: Raiders - Jaguars are going to beat Las Vegas so bad, they are going to call Will Compton before the game is over to see about year 10. Home game. Easy win.

Week 10: At Chiefs - I could see this being a problem. Team is still tired from the jet lag of week 8 and have to go up against Mahomes and Reid in Kansas City. Could come down to a field goal. Just to be fair, I'll give it to them. Jaguars lose.

Week 11: BYE

Week 12: Ravens - This team doesn't want to pay their MVP QB and they can't even keep their mascot healthy. Home game. Easy win.

Week 13: At Lions - Coach Campbell is going to have these guys biting at Jaguars knee caps. It's going to be a hard fought game that we will talk about for years to come. A true rumble in the jungle. Lions win it in Overtime and the people of Detroit start to believe in the team that will in just a few seasons win their first Super Bowl. Jaguars lose, respectfully.

Week 14: At Titans - Derrick Henry is going to run it down our throats. Then, just as we get back up and turn around, he's going to come at us full speed and run it up our backs. He can't be stopped. Jaguars lose.

Week 15: Cowboys - Jaguars beat the cowboys so bad that Jerry considers selling the team. Home game. Easy win.

Week 16: At Jets - Last year was a fluke. Jaguars didn't even have a coach for that game. This will be the first true contest between the first two draft picks. Zach Wilson will be focused on getting Jack Mac to take down one of his tiktoks. Jets fans will cry as they remember all they had to do was lose to Cleveland and Trevor Lawrence could have been theirs. Jaguars win.

Week 17: At Texans - Texans will have nothing to fight for as they have no shot at the playoffs. Easy Jags win.

Week 18: Titans - Derrick Henry continues to run it down our throats, but this is a home game. Easy Jags win.

I can't predict what will happen in the playoffs, but I know the Jaguars will be there.